New in Role: A dinner debate series for like-minded peers who want to make an impact fast when starting a new leadership role. This year we are hosting the event on a Virtual Roundtable. Click the link below to join us.

Attend the virtual roundtable

Senior technologists can have a lonely position so finding the right combination of mentors, coaches and peers to lean on especially in the early days, is crucial to success and fulfillment.
Christina Scott, CTO at News UK

With cyber security rising up the agenda, the pressure is on to make an impact fast when starting a new leadership role. It can be difficult to balance the business’ concerns with your own personal goals, especially when building relationships from scratch. The New in Role community helps you prioritise and make the most of your early days.
Paul Heffernan, CISO at Revolut

Explaining the vision was a challenge: this was an environment that hadn’t invested in IT in a long time, but knew it needed to. So it was really describing the challenge in business speak, not talking about boxes and wires but talking about what the risk to the business was, how we would enable the business, how we would meet the future growth plans.
Alison FitzGerald, COO at London City Airport

The dinner debates are lively discussions, full of actionable advice and personal perspectives on how to thrive in the first 12 months in a role.
Kevin Bulmer, Chief Technology & Transformation Officer at Robert Walters

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